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A rare and always fatal disease which kills in 4 days. Kitten flu starts off with normal flu like symptoms but then on the second day ears start forming on your skull and a tail starts to form on your rear, this process is excruciatingly painful. On the fourth day when the ears and tail are fully formed, they fall off, your heart explodes and you die. Kitten Flu, though believed to be originated from kittens, is not passed out to humans through contact with the animal.
random person 1: "i feel really sick and my head and lower back hurt like mad, its hard to describe"

random person 2:" does it feel almost like something is growing out of them?"

random person 1: "actually, yeah, thats exactly what it feels like

random person 2: oh shit bro, i think you might have kitten flu, get away from me!"
by SpecialKk May 15, 2010
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