1-To flatter or otherwise act more positive than normal , usually to a person in a position of power (IE teacher, boss, head gangster, slave master, etc) in the hopes of attaining personal gain in the form of a better opinion from the kissupee. Often spelled 'Kiss Up'

2-A person who kisses up (see definition 1)

3-To date someone in a much higher social class than you. Often spelled 'kiss up'

4-A person who dates someone in a much higher social class than them.
1-Did you see how James brought Mrs. Blow chocolate? He was totally kissing up to her.

2-James is such a kissup. He gave our teacher Mrs. Blow oral just so he could get an A.

3-Did you see Moriah kiss up? He and that slutty cheerleader Emily were making googly eyes at each other all through that test!

4-Moriah got lucky, the damn kissup. He was sucking Emily's tits behind the gym.
by Exoskeleton October 24, 2009
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Another term for wall jumping in Mario. Originated from New Super Mario Bros DS.
Ah man are you guys doing the kissup trick.
by Mn0s October 31, 2019
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