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A person who is attracted to girls who are more than four years younger than themselves. The attraction may be affectionate, passionate, lustful, etc., depending on the individual. Every kiristophile is unique, just like all people. Kiristophilia does not result from immaturity or mental instability. It is merely a magnification of a male's natural desire for younger females. The word comes from the greek roots kiristi, meaning girl, and philos, meaning love.

girllover, paedophile, paedosexual
12-year-old girl:You're handsome.

18-year-old guy:You're cute. You want to hang out at my apartment?

Mr.Bob:Your daughter is really cute. Is she available?

Mr.Steve:What's wrong with you?! My daughter's nine! Pedophile dirtbag!

Eavesdropper:You'd better stay away from my son!

Mr.Bob:I'm a kiristophile, I only like the girls.
by Wilddwarf April 17, 2009
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