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A Kirby Kiser is when you take an old Kirby vacuum cleaner and use the hose to suck off an old man. Then you spread the old mans jizz on a kiser roll and eat it.

2) 2 two fags. Fag 1 is the Kirby and fag 2 is the Kiser. The fag #1 (Kirby) does the sucking of the Fag #2 (Kisers) cock. After the Kiser dumps his load in the Kirbys mouth, the Kirby open the other fags ass checks (known as the kiser rolls) and spits the jizz into the kisers ass hole.
1) I was horny and hungry but I could not take my lunch for another few hours. I opened a door in the nursing home I work at and took my old Kirby vacuum and sucked out the jizz from an old man. I then put the jizz in a kiser roll and ate it.

2) That guy is a real ass hole, so I Kirby Kiser'ed him. That will teach that ass hole to fuck with me.

3) Hey, look at those kirby Kisers. They are so gay!
by Balls on Balls July 14, 2011
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