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The OTs-02 Kiparis (Kiparis means Cypress in Russian) is a Russian submachine gun designed in the 1970s but was in service until 1991 somewhere after the collapse of the Soviet Union It is primarily intended for internal security and police units, it was adopted by the Russian police and MVD (Internal Affairs Ministry). The OTs-02 is a blowback-operated weapon of a conventional design chambered in 9x18mm Makarov. It can fire both the standard 57-N-181S cartridge and the more powerful 57-N-181SM high-impulse round.

The receiver is made from pressed steel with a synthetic plastic pistol grip. It feeds from stamped steel detachable straight box magazines, inserted into a well in front of the trigger guard with either a 20 or 30-round cartridge capacity.

The weapon has a rudimentary steel skeletonized stock which folds up and over the receiver when folded, in such a manner that the simple base plate outline extends downwards to either side of the muzzle. The Kiparis is supplied with a proprietary sound suppressor with a service life of approx. 6,000 rounds, the same service life as the barrel. In this form the weapon is known as the OTs-02-1. The OTs-02 Kiparis can also accommodate a red dot sight or a tactical laser pointer which clips on forward of the magazine housing in such a way that the bottom of the laser aiming device can act as a forward grip during aiming.

The weapon was first known to mass audience during the release of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops
Dude I just pwned that guy with my Kiparis!
by JMiG144 June 02, 2011
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