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Kinzaa is the type of girl that would never leave your back even in the darkest times. But it does not mean that all Kinzaa's have to be the same as this definition.But most are i hope. Kinzaa is the type of girl you would want to see everyday and she will never reject cuddles if you know her well enough.She is a rare flower that blossoms in a garden and one thing is for sure she is pretty,loving,caring,down to earth and her BEAUTIFUL personality leaks to her outside.She might fail to express her feelings but dont think that means she is a monster and doesn't like you because kinzaa is a girl that might express her feelings rarely but she has A LOT of them deep inside her you just need to make a place in her heart to see them.
person 1 -that girl is so pretty

person 2- Thats because she is a Kinzaa
by Shooky Suga July 01, 2018
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