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Kinmount is a small town located in Northern Ontario Canada with a population of around 300. The town is famous for its country fair as well as the theatre which is also a movie museum.
The name Kinmount is a conjunction combining the words kin and mount. This conjunction can be looked at in 2 ways;
1) A large group of family all living in a town located on mountain like terrain
2) Family 'mounting' one another

Many rumors have flown that people from Kinmount are incest because of the large number of relatives individuals in the town have - this rumor is not true. Families in Kinmount are very close knit and for this reason they remain together.
Monica: hey where do you live ?

Fred: in kinmount, you heard of it ?

Monica: yea, i went to the fair there last fall!
by townieboy2 July 20, 2010
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