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Kinkeye is the word used in event and A male (cats excluded) Ejaculates into a women's eye socket (or males, depending on what your into). Often causing pinkeye and many other dreadful and terrible diseases just because he missed the mouth. Pinkeye is the sister word to kinkeye aswell as kinky being the brother word. Pink(eye) (kink)y Adding the two sections together, (kink)(eye). Full work, kinkeye.
Carson: Damn Josiah, last night I had sexual relations with Erik and I gave him the kinkeye.
Josiah: Oh marbles isn't that like really dangerous?
Carson: It can be, but he's probably fine.
Josiah: Did you mean to!?
Carson: I was aiming for his toes!
Josiah: You've got worse aim then me and I've got such bad aim I pee on the toilet seat, sitting down!
*Erik enters room*
Erik: Hey Josiah, what are you doing tonight ;)
by Namzug Haisoj June 06, 2018
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