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A Kingston Pub Crawl is when a group of travelers (min. 3 people) turn a standard pit stop into a impromptu pub crawl. The group must visit a minimum of 3 locations that serve alcohol, having at least 1 drink at each location, while getting back on the road within approx. 30-45 minutes. Typical locations to visit during a Kingston Pub Crawl are Pizza Hut, Applebees, and Chilli's. In Canada Boston Pizza and Swiss Chalet would qualify. A Kingston Pub Crawl (aka. a KPC) can happen on a sight seeing tour, on a bus carrying a baseball team, or on a road trip with friends.
A team bus full of baseball playing idiots stopped midway through their road trip for food. Having only 30 minutes to get food and be back at the bus the three determined and ambitions members of the team attempted a Kingston Pub Crawl. Starting at Boston Pizza the three had Jager Bombs. Next they ventured to Swiss Chalet for Tequila. To finish, the fellas traveled across the street to Pizza Hut to enjoy shots of Sambuca. They did all this in time for the bus to leave - thus meeting all stipulations of a Kingston Pub Crawl.
by Anyoneseenmybat? May 26, 2011
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