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King Spootram appeared as the first object in existence when god created the universe. It is widely believed (and accepted) that he is the creator of all the trams in the world when he decided to clone himself one april fools so he could trick his girlfriend at the time, Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer. According to legend King Spootram traveled out to space and built a cloning machine out of shavings from gods' beard, but when he tried to clone himself the machine exploded and created a massive fireball that was so powerful it would burn for eighty four million years, or the distance in millimetres from the centre of Mick Jaggers lips to the outermost point of them. When the sun was created it also became a spawning point for all the trams in existence. King Spootram was severely mutated in the accident and now has the appearance of a locomotive. It is believed that before his accident King Spootram was a magnificent red tram wearing a scarlet blouse with blue tassels and had 'Spoo' written on a sign on the side of him in Jokerman. Noone has ever seen spootram in his original form but a mexican apparently had a moustache which was an exact replica of him and believed by many to be a reincarnation of him, unfortuneately it was involved in a tragic shaving accident in March 2003.5132.
Hail King Spootram king of the trams, blah, LE END
by A male prostitute February 18, 2006
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