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King Marine tottaly rulesa ur dominion. Marine enjoys long walks in ur death and makes 100% XXX pure moonshine outta ur chullin! He's down with Tom the nija, who he teamed up with to smite Slushy the armadillo/stegasaurus, who sux maja ballz. Marine, in his Disco doom 70's pimpmasta funka dont kno like a mofo outfit pierced his heart! But then slushy tied marines hands up his ass and decampamatated his life! But Tom the ninja band-aided his life back on his neck, and decapamataed slushy by WAILING on his guitar!!!!! BEOWN!! Of course, Marine h8s elevators and squirrels, and is dangerously cheesy!!! Hes a b-ball fiend, and his haus is a plant in whench to change yo chullin ta m00n5h!n3!!!1! Heloves sketchin moonshine on the bay, and chasin little chullin on his marine-mobile/mini-bike. He is 4 ft tall, raelly short legs, white hair, a beard, AND HE'LL KILL U!~!His real name is DICK MARINE AND HE DEMANDS $ THINGS YO!
4)Moonshine(& cheese)
If it looks like a Marine, tastes like a Marine, then it must be a KING MARINE!
by Ninja Ninjar March 30, 2004
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