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King Bovinus XII is the true lord of this earth, he is what we would call In modern times a man cow. He ruled this earth thousands of years ago when cows ruled the earth and humans were their slaves. However some rose up against him and defeated him and he was banished to the unknown realm. He shall return though, the bison preacher shall prepare the way, baptising us in milk. This will indicate the immediate return of his highness who will arrive and baptise us in fire. Any of those who persecute the cow species in the present day will be drowned in the great milk flood which will follow after his return but those loyal to his cause will ride with him in his mighty ark. They will then be saved on the day of grazing when his highness, King Bovinus XII, shall judge the whole human race and put to death all who do not follow him.
King Bovinus XII shall return and we will all be judged on the day of grazing....Are you saved?
by The Rustler March 20, 2017
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