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1. The lowest of the low lifes. Not deserving of oxygen. An individual who is so despicable that you cannot stand to share your precious oxygen with. Someone who is likely to trash your boyfriend to the point that he breaks up with you and then go after him.

2. An extremely ratty rat bastard.

3. A mofo who is such a waste of time on this earth that they should just go die.

4. Someone who you wish would go to hell.

5. The spawn of the Devil.

6. Somebody that will definitely no doubt in anybodys mind burn in the deepest depths of hell itself.

7. A moron.

8. An ass muncher that should burn in hell.

9. A posing mofo that needs to get a life and stop being a two-faced son of a bitch and a backstabbing asswipe.

10. The biggest of the the rat bastards. This rat bastard is the king/queen of them and is usually overweight or tall and could possibly also be the biggest douchebag on the face of the earth. They usually have a destinct rat-like appearance and demeanor.

11. A slutzilla that is a two-faced bitch who gets your boyfriend to break up with you then chases after his sorry no good mofo bitch pussy wiped ass.

12. A whore, skank, skanky bitch ass hoe, hoe, stripper, or someone who has a plethora of STDs. They usually work at a club and are also complete assholes and they sniff sharpies and white-out.

13. A bitch ass hoe skank mofo that whines all the damn time about there worthless life. (We don't care leave us alone!!!!!!)
He/she is King/Queen of the Rat Bastards.

"Hey Cindy! Where's your crown? I thought you were Queen of the Rat Bastards?"

"blank" is the King of the Rat Bastards.

RBs is short for rat bastards.
by nonRBS November 15, 2009
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