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The ultimate life-form. Born out of Ash and Dragon's blood, King Awadino roared through the heavens after his conception, tearing his mothers womb apart minutes after the egg has been fertilized. Nobody knows of his father except the king. Some say the Great Tupac Shakur disappeared after the birth of his pure blood son. Some say his real father was Mike Tyson. Regardless of the father, the King was born with a crown over his head, a scepter in hand, and a cape over his back. He possesses the magic of a Phoenix, and the grace of a swan. Roar of a lion, the speed of a cheetah, and the wits incomparable with the smartest of men. His first words are believed to be "cs imak".
Damn, I was praying the King Awadino last night and I saw him in heaven waiting for me.

I live to please King Awadino.

King Awadino is the answer to life.

"cs imak" said King Awadino.
by The Divine King Awadino April 04, 2014
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