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Kindelonte is a term that refers to a type of shirtless barbarian adorned in puffy genie pants, crass jewelry, and crowned with a small tied kokohol-like tuft of hair on top of an otherwise bald head. Not to be confused with "kinderlack."

Kindelontes are usually found in prototypical seedy opium dens, using, manufacturing, or distributing a wide arrangement of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia.

Kindelontes are reputed to perform strange rituals involving midgets, canola oil, and livestock, chanting "haunty" ad infinitum during such processions--approach with caution.

It has been remarked that kindelontes strongly resemble gypsies.
"That fucking kindelonte sold me shitty homegrown, telling me it was from Afghanistan. What's up with that shitty haircut? He should have manned up and just shaved his head bald instead of leaving that stupid pigtail on the top of his head--what a cockbite."

"Why don't you lube up your chode with some Mazola, and fuck that sheep in the ass, you fucking kindelonte?"
by Gak25 September 08, 2011
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