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1: The type of person who likes to set things on fire and do drugs. If you meet one of these, run away. They like to rape and eat people.

2: A mythical creature, they are rumored to have blood made of the purest marijuana, the ability to make you insane by screaming at you and stripping, and the inexorable ability to mindrape people.
1: Guy 1- "Man, I was buying a beer from a 7-11 when I saw a Kincaid B around the corner setting fire to a kitten."
Guy 2- "For real? What did you do then?"
Guy 1- "I just walked back to my car like I didn't see anything. Nothing good woulda happened, dude, nothing good."

2: Priest: "Oh great Kincaid B of the endless rivers, give me a sign that you exist."
(Out of the sky, shit falls on priest's head)
"Thank you, oh powerful one."
by problem-ossifer November 30, 2013
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