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Once upon a time there was an animal called a kin and one called an ad.
The ad was a type of bird, the most beautiful flying creature in the land, and the kin was like a kangaroo, and was the most beautiful land creature in the land.
They decided that they didn't like having 2 seperate beautiful creatures for land and the sky, so they decided to combine themselves together using a special jutsu to make them a kinad!
They were eventually knocked off as the most beautiful, and they were spewing cos they never really liked eachother in the first place, they only did it for the pride of being the most beautiful, and they had to stay with eachother forever!
When 2 animals mate and make a different animal (:
This is what happened with the Kinad
by Thesmartestgirlonearth,duh (: December 14, 2009
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