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(Names a work in progress..)

The type of person who will give you a bj when she’s on her period just to make you happy.
The type of person to buy you food. The one who accepts you even when you’re a little chubby, and feels you’re perfect the way you are and tells you you don’t need to go to the gym. Could never ever cheat on you. Can’t even picture cheating on you (may have a celebrity crush though) usually is tall and might have social issues. Won’t be shy to speak her mind (to you) is shy in public. stands up for herself but never rude. Will wake you up with amazing food. Will play you in c.o.d and most likely beat you every time. Have same interests. Loves to cuddle and do other stuff ;) doesn’t expect a million gifts from you. Compliments you. Will try new things if you do. Watches same shows. Listens to same music. Genuinely loves you. Just amazing!

Can be the best gay gf too. (Which sounds really cute...)
(Guy 1:) Ah man my girl is the fucking best.
(Guy 2:) Nah man I’ve got a the best. your girl could never compete.
by Suckmylife May 15, 2018
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