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A reference to other scandals or conspiracies such as Watergate, Celebgate, etc.

It is a theory that has become widespread among Mystic Messenger fans, suggesting that Jumin Han and his best friend, Jihyun Kim, are actually half-brothers due to:
1) The fact that Jumin oddly seems nothing alike to his alleged biological father, Chairman Han.
2) The suspicious similarity between Jumin and Mr. Kim, Jihyun's father, in general disposition such as their way of talking, dressing, thinking, etc.
3) The drastic resemblance between Jumin and Jihyun, which can be easily observed throughout their childhood to adult life.

Up till now, there exists no evidence that is capable of disproving the theory.
Mystic Messenger, Jumin Han. Jihyun Kim, Watergate, Celebgate, Kimgate
by kgc21318 May 07, 2018
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