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Can be shortened to kmngo for MSN/AIM/Yahoo usage.

Originates from the Shayan Tribe, in Ukraine, the founder of paganism in the modern era was Volodimir Shayan, born in Lvov in 1908. He studied philosophy and Sanskrit. In 1934 he experienced a religious illumination on the mount Grekhit in Carpathian mountains. After the World War II Shayan settled in the United Kingdom, where he worked on his ideas. He died in 1974 in London. His influence can be found in the contemporary neo-pagan groups in Ukraine.

The word Kimengo was used many centuries ago to ask of ones emotions that other words "how u doin!?"
Hey babes, Kimengo?

Nasim: And then he was like "Kimengo?" Stupid fatass! So then i just said "go shove your kimengo where the sun don't shine!"

Sophie: Right on sista! anyways, kimengo?

Nasim: I'm ok...updated my site today,
by Nasim and Sophie December 30, 2004
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