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A human chameleon and all around bad ass chick that can adapt to any social situation. From Ghostown to The Ritz, she is down for any challenge. She doesn't judge others on appearance, and will kick it with anyone that has some swagger or honor. Not afraid to get a little dirty, she can be a lady on the street and a freak in the sheets. A true shape- shifter, she is inventive, witty, funny, and nice. But, she can also flip the script and become a raging fucking maniac. You can be her best friend or her worst enemy, it's really your choice.
"Man, that Kim is such a fucking Kimeleon. I saw her yesterday in the hood, drinking a 40 of Mickeys and smoking a blunt. Now look at her, livin' like a boss the next day- up in the penthouse suite of the Ritz Carlton, with a glass of Dom P in her hand. What a sav beast! That girl be the SHIT!"
by BayAreaBetty June 21, 2012
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