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Very funny girl. Used to describe funny and very smart talented people. Means you can read right through people very easily and do things in such weird ways. Hard to open up to people. Doesn't like to get attched, but secretly does and that scares her. Sometimes very hard of hearing. Obsesses over weird things, such as gross things and people who try and make her life a living Hell. Likes to listen to music and expresses herself through it. Can be as sexual as she wants when the time is right. Scared of the ocean creatures. Always up for new experiences and new people. Hates getting to know new people, because to her, it means new drama and new different ways of hurt. Unfinished story that is still being written and will never be finished. Mystery girl...
Person1: "Man, you're such a Kikn.. Just trust me?"

Person2: "Idk..."
by dachgur8 July 12, 2010
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