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Kijora is a duck God, often worshiped by ducks or Demi-Duck offspring. The legend of Kijora extends well beyond that of Greek Gods. The story is that Kijora was a mighty Duck, very large in stature. Kijora was benevolent and kind in nature, always honorable. Unlike Horoja, the Evil Duck god, Kijora always looks to protect the innocent and riteous. The only "down side" seen by some is that Kijora was the first Duck to see the good in duck hunting, saw this as a circle of life. However when a Duck is killed for food and is not thanked for its offering in the circle of life it is said that the curse of Kijoranami is placed on the killer. Over all Kijora is a Duck God the god of Water and Migration. Also, since he is good humored and laid back when it comes to matter of life, is also said to have created duck beer, or something similar.
Kijora was pleased with the summer actions so gave way to a great migrational period.

The Kijoranami was placed on Dick Chaney hafter having slain a duck in the name of sport with absolutely no thanks to the duck's spirit so during his next hunting trip Chaney shot his friend in the face.
by Kijoraran August 12, 2010
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