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An indie hipster chick who is a model! ;
She's not rude, or obnoxious. She's nice and friendly.
She's a strong believer in pacifism!
For some reason she likes the word "epic"
Addicted to Caramel Machiattos, bracelets, rings, shoes, clothes, finding a new hairstyle, and colors.
Has the most unique spelling of her name, pronounced like Tyler but with a K.
Loves everything for what it is :
She is a Flexitarian, yeah look it up lol.
Loves life, thinks a lot, doesnt think highly of herself, wants to be famous and date a band guy, loves Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 as well as thrift stores and vintage stuff, her race is sooo mixed its crazy! She's really fun to be around if you're the right person, she's sensitive but won't show it often, absolutly adores music, dresses funky but looks fantastic, HATES pants sometimes, loves spiderman to death, enjoys The Notebook and Titanic- yeah bishh thats right lol, she's skinny and really pretty. And, she'll probably kill people for saying she's pretty (which she is!)
Girl 1: "Hey look at that girl over there, she looks rad."
Girl 2: "Yeah, she looks like this really cool hipster or indie kid."
Girl 3: "Definetly, she like my best friend, that's Kiiluer."
by SceneAshley<3 August 03, 2009
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