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One who sleeps with kiefs, Uber cool birds that are commonly related to the dodo and just as cool.

A kiefk not only sleeps with kiefs but as a precursor to the mating ritual will take them out for a nice three course meal down at Hungry Jacks or McDonalds depending on how tight fisted the particular Kiefk is.

One particular well known and infamous Kiefk is known only by the Alias DragonBlade, aka "Kiefkblade".
;We hired a cheap Kiefk to perform for my mates party.
;That kiefk at the store flipped me the bird, It was disgusting.
;We organised a mob to go string up the kiefk at the edge of town, That'll teach the wider kiefk community.
;My mate came out of the drawer recently to the shock of his parents and confessed that he practiced kiefking on the sly.
;I wish i was a kiefk.
by |Ai| June 12, 2007
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