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An teenager, college student, or adult who enjoys activities, events, movies and tv shows that children like. You can find many kidsters on MLIA talking about dinosaurs, harry potter and ninjas. Kidsters often wear t-shirts that are too small with kid-themed designs. kid + hipster = kidster
Kidster 1: Let's go watch toy story 1 and 2 in 3D to celebrate my 25th birthday.
Kidster 2: Okay, i have to go get changed into my undersized sesame street t-shirt.
Kidster 2: i'll bring my star wars watch.
Kidster 1: After that do u want to go have an old disney movie marathon.
Kidster 2: Sure, and then we can go dress up as ninjas and run around.
by Jak Majik October 21, 2009
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