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At first, he seems judgemental and his open personality makes him seem unapproachable. He may seem like one of those troublemaker kids who are really fake but once you start talking to him you'll realize he's not fake at all, he gives no shits and tells it as it is. He's not a troublemaker but he speaks his mind and loves to play devil's advocate which does get him into trouble sometimes. He can't stand people who take everything seriously and don't know how to take a joke. Kianosh is one of the funniest people you'll ever meet, he's super easy to talk to but if he hates you, you'll know. He's the type of person to comfort you when you're stressed over a math exam, to spend hours teaching you how to play a video game that you clearly suck at, and he'll help you get items in that video game when you're distracted by the internet. Kianosh is one of those people you can be a complete idiot around, he'll call you retarded but he won't judge, he contributes to a really fun and free atmosphere where you can just goof around and make offensive jokes. He doesn't give a shit what anyone says or thinks. Kianosh will actually listen to you even if you're just blabbing about your parents. He's definitely someone you want to get to know better and become better friends with. His name means prince forever (that's what he told me), if he's a prince, he is definitely a no bullshit unconventional prince. He also loves his shoes.

p.s he looooooves Stephany and he's a complete weeb (jk)
Clare: that person just called me a bitch and said the n-word
Mikaila: yup that's kianosh for you
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