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Kian and Jc are a duo channel on YouTube. With over 2 million subscribers, Kian and Jc have a way of always making their fans laugh no matter what!

Kian and Jc were both apart of the YouTube group O2L, who have now broken up, but all six members, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Trevor Moran, Connor Franta, Kian Lawley, and JC Caylen still are insanely good friends!

Kian and Jc are also VERY cute! All of the fangirls fall for them! Kian and Jc are one of the most popular YouTubers on YouTube!

In conclusion Kian and Jc are cuties that know how to always crack a smile on somebody's face and make us laugh constantly!
Girl #1: Hey let's watch YouTube!
Girl #2: Ok, What should we watch?
Girl #1: Are you kidding me?
Girl #2: What?
Girl #2: No...
Girl #1: We're not friends anymore, BYE BITCH!
by YouTube FANGIRL! June 30, 2016
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