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KiTFoX: Named after a breed of North American fox, KitFox is all at once internet handy man, global law enforcer, and general guiding force of nature. In recent years, many people have taken to "giving their problems" to kitfox, in similar ways that many Christians will "let go and let god."

Being a relatively new phenomena that spans through the physical and spiritual world, and the connections of the internet, the debates over the true nature of KiTFoX are still in action. Some believe that KiTFoX is a man (a god-man akin to a Krishna) while others maintain that KiTFoX is a force of nature, put in place by some all seeing persona to right the worlds wrongs and enforce any given areas of truth and morality. Either way, many believe that one day the entire globe will utter the unofficial "prayer" of "Contact KiTFoX" when faced with life's troubles.
Person A: "Mt computer is broken."

Person B: "Contact KiTFoX."

"My girlfriend left me, I should contact KiTFoX."

"That man just beat up that old woman and took her purse! Quickly, someone contact KiTFoX!
by Deady August 16, 2009
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