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Khwaab means dream which is perfect because she is everybodies dream girl

she's a perfect girl in everyway beautiful, fuckable, stunning, sexy, righteous, loyal,hot,understanding ,etc yet she'll Deny all these facts.

She's a girl who'll always try to be happy and influence the same with the people around her.

Its like whenever she enters a room happiness tends to follow her its like she's a "magnet"

Khwaab is a girl who deserves the universe and will not settle down for anything less and yet she's the kindest person alive.

Khwaab is a big existence packed with all the good stuff in this small world full of evil.

Shes bubbly and cheerful and often immature but its all part of her charm and people adore her for that.

she can often also be described as hot and desirable as men and woman alike feel the urge to fuck her hard and fast, taking in her perfectly sculpted body- from her perfect tits to her huge ass
boy1-i wanna be fucked by a khwaab
by fuckmeharddaddy October 26, 2016
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