Tikhon Nikolaevich Suck-A-Dick Khrennikov, Soviet (terrible excuse for a) composer and musician. General Secretary of the Composers' Union from 1948 to 1991, and in those 43 years he spent his time and power generally being an asshole unless he had something to gain. When he wasn't making out with his Iosif Stalin body pillow, Khrennikov was known for writing artistically conservative works in the Socialist Realism style, most notably his film scores, and for making Shostakovich's life even more of a hell than it already was. It's not likely you'll meet someone who says their favourite composer is Tikhon Khrennikov, but if you do, run far, far away.
"I would gladly learn necromancy to bring Tikhon Khrennikov back from the dead so I can bitch-slap him all the way back to whatever boiling pit he came from."
by tchaikennugget August 24, 2021
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