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A funny outgoing girl, who can get really jealous. She is very quiet at first but when you get to meet her she's a down to earth BADASS.
"dude you go out with khira"
"score. shes so hot. you better tap that"
by Mclovin909 September 04, 2011
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A Khira is a girl that comes off as bitchy but actually is one of the hottest you'll know. They're usually incredibly sexy and cute and can also be referred to as a "sex kitten". They're very provocative as well as hilarious to talk to. They make good friends with benefits but aren't good girlfriends at all. Khiras can also be whores so watch out.
Guy 1: "awww man i did it with a smokin hot khira last night, i think im in lovee"
Guy 2: "naww man she's a total whore but she's a tiger in the bedroom, keep that up bro"
by forlove21 July 11, 2010
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