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pronounced Kij-eee this is when a person does or says something unintentionally but as a result the poeple who have witnessed this unintentional act burst out in laughter and remark oh Khijir. these unintentional moments look accidental but are infact a well played joke disguised as a "dim" moment and are very easy to pull off but how effective they are is upto the individual. a common abreviation of this word is KIJ
person A)-mate how does the guy on The Wright Stuff change from being really nasty on the Jeremy Kyle show to being really fukin nice on the Wright Stuff?

Person B)- mate are you dumb?? there different people!:L

person A)- What really? they look identical tho!:L

Person B)- "Oh Khijir" that was funny
by kdotmangalang December 14, 2010
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