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A keyswinger is an individual who carries their keys on a lanyard, and swings them in a circular motion while walking. Keyswingers are typically males between the ages of 18 and 26. Keyswingers are often found in packs on college campuses as well as at workout facilities around the world. Keyswingers are often easily identifiable even when they are not swinging said keys. They can be distinguished by one or more of the following, fraternity t-shirt or nipple tank, one or more tribal tattoos, straight brimmed hat being worn backwards with or without sunglasses resting on the brim of said hat, or sunglasses hanging from the neck of said fraternity t-shirt or nipple tank.

The only exception to this is when an individual is a senior in high school.
Friend 1: Dude, that fuckin' Keyswinger nearly hit me with his keys.
Friend 2: I know! They shouldn't be allowed out of their frat houses.
by tlskxchris October 16, 2009
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A Type of turn made by a driver that happens to be driving too fast. The turn causes the keys to sway and "swing"
Wow dog, that turn was a real Key -Swinger yo
by DylanFan88 December 24, 2005
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