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Keyshla is a very nice person. Falls in love with the wrong guy and Falls in love quickly. Puts her friends before herself. Has beautiful dirty blonde hair. She loves to play with animals and Loves her Boyfriend and she never puts him before her or her friends.
Keyshla cares about her friends.
by Lavischia October 17, 2018
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a hot sexy nice body girl very tall has low key shoe game is very talented at singing playing instruments and singing has had her heart broke multiply times dates fuck boys and never the right guys but she is very pretty gorgeous even and has golden red hair is a amazing person cares for others more then herself falls in love fast but can be also scary she has a bad side she can get mad when pushed to the limit for instants if a girl or boy gets her very mad she has a way of killing a person but neverly happens she is often very sweet and kind
Keyshla is smart

Keyshla is sweet
Keyshla has a lot of guys behind her dms

Keyshla falls in love fast

Keyshla has a bad side
by nonname February 24, 2017
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