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n: The loser, with a surplus of time on his hands, that clicks on YouTube links just so he can leave a racist rant in the comments section.

This individual is usually hard to identify/locate, since he chooses to express his bad-ass, pseudo-nazi rhetoric from the safety of his super-secret Racist Loser Batcave.

The rants of these losers are easily identified by misspelled words, lack of punctuation, and overusage of profanity.

ex 1: In the news today: Jimbo Johnson, aka niggerhayter1981, was severely beaten after several members of the G.W. Bush High School basketball team uncovered the true identity of the elusive keyboard klansman.
He will be missed.

ex 2: "Dang-Gone!! another McDonald's application denied! ...and it's all cuzza them dang Mexicans!! Looks like a job for the Keyboard Klansman... I'll show 'em!"
by Harry Hogdick February 15, 2009
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