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Type of Behaviour stemming from north coast kettlish bong culture, the word kettle is one of many synonyms for the term “Bong” and considered the best of all the terms - Thus kettlish lifestyles were formulated in the period of around 2010 and these lifestyle entail scorching the earth and getting high of the sacred herb (marijuana) and staying high for extended periods (decades to full life).
Kettlish lifestyles often result in heavily induced phycotropial downers of all sorts but especially the herb (marijuana).
Such Lordish behaviour resulted in heavy colloquials and fresh new calls that pushed the Dendy (dim lit area of smoke gathering) movement even harder, this ultimately pushed torchery to new heights and made it hard to withdrawal from the lifestyle that’s ever so fresh !!!!

LBLBLBLblblb (Lordish behavior)
“That chick smoking DMT is that kettlish

Kettlish kettlish”

“If you weren’t so kettlish u could have tapped into that career you were talking up lord”

“That torch lord in the top park with the shitlocks was beyond kettlish WTF “

“Littlery littlery so kettlish”
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by Kettle Lord July 11, 2018
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