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Kettlethorpe High school is situated in Wakefield, England in the kingdom of yorkshire, it is one of the largest schools in the Wakefield area it has a high pass rate of 86% C+. Although this is a surprise as the majority of the students are thoughtless chavs that were shaving in primary school and had lost their virginity before that. Despite this Kettlethorpe excels at the sports it takes up especially dogging....

The only crimes that are committed in the school are breaking the toilet door locks and leaving bloody shit n piss in the toilets.

It also has the two worst mini buses ever created that conceal five years worth of rubbish stockpiled in holes in the back of seats which are used by pupils on school trips.
Geoffry: Hey did the cricket game agaisnt the oinks from kettlethorpe high school go awlroight?

Tibbles: oh yes swimmingly! but i dare say some one left a hell of a lot of bloody fecal matter in the lav!

Sports Teacher: Ok every one time for weekly dogging sesh, trousers down were taking the minibus down the back alley!
by Defender of heavy metal October 28, 2009
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The home of many intellects and retards. Many balled teachers work here. This is a place where, as a child, you must avoid at all costs! Especially the cellar where a Gaz might be lerking. Watch out for a certain ‘Hunter’. Could be referred to as Sketty Ketty.
I went down Ketty (Kettlethorpe Highschool) and I saw a lot of chavs. I decided to go home after that.
by Jack1236 August 10, 2018
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