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Kethzaly is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. She is remarkable. She's EFFORTLESSLY funny. She is the sweetest. Kethzaly is so lovable. When you meet her, you instantly know the switch has turned on. She's so easy to be friends with. She's friendly. You automatically want to be her friend. She's popular. You say her name, everyone knows exactly who you're talking about. Her eyes, they're so vibrant and beautiful, the sun and the stars turn jealous themselves. If you have a chance with her, well, you'd better take it. You'll regret not taking that chance. She is so talented. She's silly. She's everything you want in a person. You never think that someone could make you smile so much. One word: Kethzaly. You'd never think that someone could bring so much joy and fun into your life. Well, one word: Kethzaly. If you could describe perfection in one word, it would be Kethzaly. She has the purest soul ever. She's amazing. She's the best thing to ever come into your life. She's the definition of perfect. People turn jealous when they see her natural beauty and her amazing characteristics. When you meet her, you instantly fall in love with her. Everyone loves her. She's also super intelligent. She's an amazing person, but an even better friend. She is Kethzaly. And Kethzaly, well,she's perfection.
"She's perfect. Must be Kethzaly."😍
by mr3p5 November 02, 2017
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