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The clearish red substance that exits the ketchup bottle if the bottle is not shaken. This substance is sweat from the tomatoes being kept in such close quarters, and often ruins hamburgers.
Bitchy customer- "Ummm, WAITER! This ketchup bottle just leaked watery stuff onto my sandwich. I want a new meal"
Waiter- "No, you dumb cunt- thats ketchup sweat. Enjoy!"

(5 minutes later)

Waiter- "How does it taste...?"
by StreetBikeTakeover August 04, 2009
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To consume a large amount of ketchup resulting in profuse sweating.
A: "What the hell is wrong with you? You looked like you just came out of a sauna!"

B: "I poured a shitload of ketchup on my fries, resulting in some extreme ketchup sweats!"

by Djuro Verdic September 09, 2011
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