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A seldom used given name for a male who is an extremely rare combination of undeniable sexuality, intelligence and shear power. Since the outbreak of the Peloponnesian war between Kesrith of Athens and Kesrith of Sparta, rarely are there two Kesriths alive at one time. Most Kesriths use an alias when reaching manhood to hide their true identity. Known aliases used by past Kesriths are: Don Juan, Casanova and Romeo Montague. Some recent suspected Kesriths are: Kelly Johnson, Douglas MacArthur and Chuck Yeager (unverified). Most women are uncontrollably drawn to Kesriths, often breaking up relationships around them. Men who are fortunate enough to meet a Kesrith try to emulate him, but fail miserably.
Friend 1: “My girl just up and left me for another guy.”
Friend 2: “He must have been a Kesrith. Probably the same one that took my girl.”
by PeloponnesianWar February 12, 2017
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