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Keshun is a person really opened with how he feels if in a relationship. He's is a very hot, caring,reliable, and outgoing person who is always honest with his feelings. He will be there for you no matter what; he cares.
He's kinda flirty and a bit of a freak.LOL.
But overall he's a great friend or bf to have!
He's a real man.
Keshun is a man.

Girl 1: omg do you see that hot guy other there?!😍
Girl 2: yea and not mention he has a amazing personality!
Girl 3 : ikkkkrr!
Girl 4: yup and that's why he's mineπŸ”
Girl 1 ,2, and 3: uggggggh no fair!!! 😀
Girl 4: hehe😝
by heaveN backwards September 22, 2018
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Keshun is a hoe
Tranecia -Did you see keshun today?
Karizma - yes , i seened your hoe brother
by Prettythickislimgirlbb123 March 17, 2018
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