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(ker-wey-stid) - adjective: The act of being or becoming completely intoxicated. Indicated by loss of coordination, basic communication skills, and an acute inability to make intelligent decisions. Frequently accompanied by short-term memory loss and severe confusions/disorientation upon waking up the morning after.

This state is characterized as being more intoxicated than hammered or wasted and less intoxicated than kerplatzed.

The word originates from the combination of the common slang term "wasted" with comic book "onomatopoeia" (ex. whoosh, ka-pow, boom) as a prefix to amplify the original meaning and add a humorous context.
"Dude, I was so kerwasted last night that I woke up in a bush three blocks away from the party and have no idea how I got there."
by Ladybacon October 16, 2009
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