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A mythical animal know to be a close relative to the ardvark family, known to have been sighted on numerous occasions, on the sunset off the saudi arabia desert sands and also just on the outskirts of manhattan.
The tale's that are told of 'Kertamin' are that he slowly trots across the saudia arabia deserts making his way towards manhatton for a reason no one knows.
Claim's have statted when he's restting he has a coconut and a lime beside him, the instrumental of 'put the lime and the coconut' by 'harry nilsson' starts to play quietly from the distance.

This mythical animal has only been sighted by the younger genaration ranging from 17-26 year olds. Kertamin has been sighted whilst under the influence's of illegal substance's and also intoxicated by alcohol. This strange animal has had some effect's on those who have encounted it (effect's last up to 15 to 48 hours).

These effects insist of a hallucinogenic effect which is seeing coconut's with a slice or whole lime next to it. Another effect is more of a 'possesed' type effect, in the way you place your right arm infront of your face and swing it slowly from left to right as if it was an ardvark's trunk.

No one has got recorded proof of 'Kertamin' so therefore has just remained a myth for people to discover, to believe in or to chase.

boy 1: 'dude, what the fuck is that!?'
boy 2: 'thats the creature..KertAmin!'
by teddypain January 18, 2010
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