Literally a woman that is satan. Usually short with huge ass and breasts, thinks she knows everything and has a boyfriend that always has more intelligence
Did you hear about the time kerry-lee abused her boyfriend?
by Rickbatmansanchez September 18, 2018
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Kerri-lee is one cool ass mf, she yells at people at maccas, punches russian ladies at the traino, holds jimbo hostage, all in all shes a flat ash bitch on the pipe everyday with a trans boyfriend.
guy 1: "you see that girl kerri-lee"
guy 2: "yeh shes the same size as my 9 yr old"
guy 1: "damn that box shaped ass she can get it"
guy 2: "chill bro she has a tranny boyfriend"
by kerrileesdaughter October 11, 2020
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