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A small shitty town in Upstate New York. It contain's 2 gas stations, Stewarts and Sunoco. A small deli and liquor store owned by indians. The local bar called Hot Shots and a Swim King. Also a beatdown laundry mat across the road. All these places are in the locality of one intersection. The rest of kerhonkson is not worth mentioning because that's it. Oh and there's a firehouse in which the bridge to it has been demolished for reconstruction 3 years ago. This means that the firetrucks have to go around a 4 mile detour to get to town. Kerhonkson Methodist Church also sit's in this quaint little town. The closest Walmart is 40 minutes drive away.
Country Hick 1: what time does the bus to welfare come to kerhonkson?
Country Hick 2: I dont know, I always miss it.
Country Hick 1: oh well, pick up my laundry and a handle from the liquor store on your way to Hot Shot's tonight.
Country Hick 2: Ok Billyjoe, and I forgot to ask, is your sister 14 yet?
by Igotoutalive February 28, 2011
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