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(part of the kerasotes theater chain) A theater in Bolingbrook (2009). Area Manager is Andy. Its general manager used to be Kenny Jordan. Now it is Brian Petit. Salary managers include Amber Mclear, Dave S. and Kurtis Moon. the hourly managers include Todd Brown, Alicia Wilson, Susan, Justin Petrini, and sometimes Kyle. (an additional manager will be added - Elsamar.) Starting pay for 17 yr old is under min. wage.

For Customers: the experience can be good if you're not an idiot and like cheap movies. Matine is 4.50 and evenings are 7 for adults 6 for student 5.50 for seniors and 4.50 for kids 2 and under. if you run into Susan and you did something wrong you better have a damn good excuse.

For employees or future employees: RUN!!! you will work with great people from all over, and will like the job for a little while. Then some of the managers will start to make you feel unappreciated. Some will show infidelity in the workplace. and some will find any excuse to keep you down. Some employees flirt to get ahead, some creepy, and some are flat out lazy. But don't get me wrong a lot of them work their asses off. although don't expect a raise or a promotion. those are few and in between. Even if you work hard it can be nearly impossible. (unless you’re a women). Think of this as going no where in life.

Security is good though

Basically a run down, ghetto theatre with horrible seats.

but 2010 will be taken over by AMC.
Person 1: hey you wanna go to Kerasotes showplace 12 to see iron man
Person 2: hell no! i heard that place sucks
Person 1: but its super cheap
Person 2: OK i guess
by 8R1L3H9 February 02, 2010
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