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A female name. Keonnas are flamboyant, attractive, spirited, random, majestic creatures. They take criticism easily, and won't let anyone get them down. But, beware, piss off a Keonna and she will ruin your life, specifically social life. Also, don't try to get in her pants if she says no, this is a quick reason for her to ruin your life. If she says "no" she means NO. Keonnas are social beings and have great boobs. Interaction with other humans is a highlight of every life of a Keonna. Keonnas are super-loved people and love life. Overall, Keonnas are friendly, easy-going people who are easy to get along with and will smile even if they hate you.
1"Hey, have you met Keonna?"
2"That super hot chick with tons of friends and good boobs?"
1"But, still doesn't seem fake at all?"
2"The super nice random girl?"
1"Yeah, her."
2"Yeah, I know her. She's freaking awesome."
1"I know right?!"
by ORkitten.97133 June 21, 2010
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