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AKA Kanye West is a self-centered narcissistic,mentally unstable, uninspiring and talentless rapper followed by fans with an IQ close to that of a dead horse or the a level of anger in their blood not seen since Hitler. The Kenyan from the West has an obvious mental disorder and one time he was trapped by a fat attention seeking black man-loving celebrity slut called Kim Koondashian. No one knows what the Kenyan from the West is thinking, but he always looks pissed.
Dumb Person 1:(Lost in Kenya) Hey man how do I get back home to America?

Dumb person 2: I don't know, ask the Kenyan from the West for directions. Watch out! He will scream at you and to get attention--self serving prick---instead he will get the attention of the lions!
by Hip Hop Intelligenitals June 13, 2013
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