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Loving , supportive, caring, sexy , thick , red bone, hilarious , adorable smile , and can't help but to laugh , got girls and boys going crazy.
You lonely and bored just find kenyada she a real bad chick !!
by Shaquavia January 28, 2017
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derived from "ken" meaning male barbie and "yada" meaning talk too much. generally kenyadas are usually a small membered asian man, are egotistical and try to be a badass but are loving cuddly teddy bears. who are sensitive. and love to be pampered and hate not having their way. 2. most commonly use the words "sweetness" or "word" or even "sexyness"
1.Kenyada is such a cuddle bug.

2. my boi loves to cuddle he is such a Kenyada!
by A-Princess February 24, 2010
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Usually lightskin, Tall, Big dick, courageous and handsome they will be often found In Oakland, California or Michigan, africa Posted on the block fucking niggas hoesπŸ˜ƒ They are fuck boys but have morals, I want to fo find me 1 right now 😢❀ Why finger yourself if kenyada can do it for youπŸ˜ƒ Right ladies? His penis size is around 27inches and they Often put their penis in the toilet to piss. Kenyada is a luxurious name given to only children of god and they eat ass like a cheesecake hmmmmmmπŸ’―
Kenyada often fucks our wives... long dick style, Kenyada fed the homeless... Get a kenyada... Be a Kenyada... PinΓ£tΓ£? No kenyada biiiitch
by Shaquiqui Johnson April 23, 2017
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